Herbal Ball Thai Massage

Herbal Ball Thai Massage

Herbal Ball Thai MassagePromotes relaxation while soothing aching muscle and stiff joints by hot compress and many herbs inside the ball

Herbs inside the ball are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant.

Herbs used to make the herbal ball compress and these are:

•Lemongrass: Clear and tone the skin, and an anti-inflammatory
•Turmeric: Soothe and cleanse irritated skin.
•Prai: Relieves muscular pain while softening the skin.
•Kaffir Lime: Help tone the skin and boost blood circulation.
•Camphor: Help to invigorate the skin and relieve muscular & arthritis pains, while the aroma helps relieve congestion.
•Tamarind: Help the skin absorb the other herbal ingredients faster.

$60/ 30 min at the first time (purchase 2 herbal balls)
$30/30 min at the second time (When you re-used the herbal balls you bought)

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